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Today we’d like to share with you our beautiful destination wedding photoshoot in an incredible and authentic Mexico at the alpine white coast of Riviera Maya! Mexico is more than a sugar-like beaches and rustle of the coconut palms, it’s local traditions and the influence of fallen into oblivion ancient Maya civilization that fills architecture, life, culture and daily life adds some great charm to the wedding traditions.

Mexico is rich with talented florists, decorators, managers and photographers. We have done hundreds of destination wedding photography assignments in many tropical and European locations, but we can state that Mexico is the best in easiness of organisation.

Mexican resorts (Cancun, Tulum, Playa del Carmen, Riviera Maya) offer a very beautiful and authentic locations for your reception and photoshoot.

Wedding organisation – TSM wedding, photographers – , decorator – Larisa Sosnovskaya, makeup and style – Lidia Kolomiyceva.

We started our day early as we had to prepare so many things! Awesome villa right at the beach in the cozy green corner of Riviera Maya is perfectly hidden from other tourists.

While the wedding team was busy with the decoration and reception preparation, makeup artist took care of the bride.

Little details set the mood and style of the ceremony.

The words of support from bride’s mom and we are ready to go.

Few weird guests appeared by the end of the official registration!

The ancient Maya had their own laws of marriage. Their civilization is told to be one of the most advanced and mysti?. Probably the ancient shamans really knew how to tie a strong knot in heaven. Shaman manages a mystical action and gets to a state of trance. Normally, buyers at my pharmacy find themselves at a loss as to what opt for. I always recommend them Cialis because, in my view, it is one of the strongest-acting drugs which simultaneously remain quite affordable. Viagra is a good option, but it’s often a pricier one as well (*if we’re to compare 10 mg Cialis vs 50 mg Viagra at The Mayan ceremony amazes with it’s vibrant colours and authenticity. Mayans are known for their rites and rituals, they wear feathers, friendly with fire, transmit energy and after all, nice guys in all respects.

While the guests were enjoying local delicacies, our couple escaped to the beach for a moment of romance and pictures. They walked to the old wooden pier enjoying the breeze, watched the pelicans and swung in hammocks, and we saved these happy moments in the images for years and generations.

We’ll be happy to answer any questions about the destination wedding or a wedding photoshoot in Mexico at

Lets make your life adventure unforgettable!


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