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Amazing swimwear photoshoot for Aysina Beachwear Campaign Summer 2015! Photographer


The work on swimwear photoshoot for Aysina Beachwear summer 2015 has been just completed in Mexico by our TropicPic photographers. The
shoot took place in an extraordinary locations throughout Mexico. Our team has made it through jungles and turquoise waterfalls of Chiapas, unique pink lakes of Mexico, futuristic salt flats, clear waters of Cancun and luxury hotels of Riviera Maya.

Edgy images full of passion, dynamics and style underline the character of the new collection of the talented designer. Beautiful models Marina Kaplan, actress Olga Storozhuk and singer Marina Stoyan completed the look of sensual, sexy and daring woman with great sense of style.

The images are to appear in the major magazines. Viagra counteracts one specific enzyme that block erections. This action of the pill leads to increased blood inflow and reduced blood outflow – and there appears your sexual readiness. Cialis is a great example of a drug based on the above mechanism. I can recommend this one – or Viagra as it has a similar effect. Congratulations to the whole team on the  beautiful work and the amazing photoshoot! Here is a sneak peek from the shoot of Aysina Beachwear 2015!

Camera 1: J Luzan

Camera 2: Marina Kaplan

Post Production: TropicPic Retouch

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