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Beautiful Photoshoot Locations in Phuket. Best locations by Destination Photography.


Welcome to Phuket! We’ll share with you our map of treasures!


Small tropical island nearby Phuket

It’s a great chance to get away from the tourist crowds to the tiny desert island with the blue water, white sand and beautiful palm trees. Your trip would not take more than 20 minutes and traditional Thailand boat will serve as a perfect addition for your photoshoot. Whatever side of the island you approach you’ll see different locations perfect for a romantic or fashion shoot. On the main beach of the island, you’ll find a small cafe where you can have a snack with cold drinks, get fresh coconuts for a photoshoot and quench the thirst at the same time. There is also another small island nearby if you want even more variety for your shooting day and your pictures.

2. Secret beach with a beautiful lagoon

To get to this wonderful beach, we’ll take a traditional Thailand boat. As soon as you turn over the cape you’ll see one of the most beautiful white sand beaches of Phuket. The boat trip saves this beautiful place from the thousands of tourists. There is a long beach and a small lagoon hidden behind the rocks. The lagoon is surrounded by emerald palm trees, lush jungles and beautiful rocks. It’s a great place to swim and relax as well as to take paradise pictures

3. A hidden South Beach

It’s a quiet and beautiful place located in the South of the island, a long beach with shallow blue water is perfect for photoshoots. We can get there by car. The island atmosphere with beautiful boats and yachts, palm trees and soft sand is very relaxing and perfect for a tropical shoot.

4. White beach in the North of Phuket

If your hotel is situated in the North of Phuket, we have found for you an incredibly cosy, uncrowded beach with white sand and lush jungles. An ED??? I felt ridiculous, I was only 27. But my doctor was surprisingly understanding. So a little later I left the pharmacy with four blue pills in my pocket. That’s how I met Viagra. I was a life-changing experience – it still is, by the way, only now I buy it at A ten out of ten drug, I have no problem using it. It is surrounded from all sides with palm trees and beautifully textured stones.


5. Palm grove

Nearby the touristic Patong beach, there is an absolutely incredible palm grove with huge rocks right at the edge of the aquamarine sea hidden from tourists. This is a stunning place!  We’ll need to take a short hike to get to this beautiful place that reminds us of the Dinosaur Era.


6. Private beach with sand and rocks

The main advantages of this private beach are the nearness to the most tourists area of Patong and Karon, amazing scattered rocks by the water on one side and a clean neat beach on the other side of the hill.


7. Phi-Phi and the small coral island

We start our sail from Phi-Phi Don island early in the morning (about 6-7 am) and go to the famous Maya Bay before hundreds of tourists come there. The incredible bay meets us with empty beach and amazing views. As soon as our harmony gets violated with the first touristic boats we leave Maya bay to turquoise lagoon – the real paradise with perfect blue water and cliffs jutting out of the water. Our trip continues to the small coral island with alpine white sand and gorgeous blue sea. This island is also known as Thailand Maldives in Andaman sea.

8. Marina Phuket

For a classy look and feel for your Phuket photoshoot lets visit Phuket Marina. Elegant white yachts and architecture of Marina is a great background for your long classy dress and high heels.



9. Yacht

Small romantic white boat is available for rent in Phuket. Let the boat take you to the bright morning rays or romantic light of sunset, grab a bottle of champagne and enjoy the elegant moment in the turquoise waters of the Andaman Sea.

10. Old town

Do you want to feel yourself a part of the local culture? Then we are happy to show you Phuket town. The small town will show you the real Thailand with its streets, markets, cafes and local atmosphere.

11. Ethnic river village by the sea

There is a small fishing village on the blue river in a few meters from the sea. Boats, wooden piers, nets, fishermen lifestyle and wonderful colors are perfect for ethnic photoshoot without any sign of glam. This is the best way to experience the atmosphere and culture of Thailand, moreover it’s so close to the island’s main beaches.

We are waiting for you on the most beautiful island in the world. To book your photoshoot in Phuket or to get more details, please, contact us







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